Paris Hilton’s bunionettes


Bunionettes, sometimes referred to as tailor’s bunions, are a deformity of the fifth metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint that is analogous to a bunion (hallux valgus) deformity of the great toe. This is a very common problem that podiatrists see every day. This problem is also suffered by the famous actress Paris Hilton. A bunionette is characterized by prominence of the lateral aspect of the fifth metatarsal head and a hammertoe of the small toe.


Symptoms associated with a bunionette are irritation when wearing tight, narrow, pointed-toe shoes. Usually patients report pain and problems finding comfortable shoes. In the majority of the cases the symtoms and deformity get progressively worse, and in the end stages of this deformity a painful overlying hard corn is frequently present.


There are many treatment options for this annoying symptoms.The curative treatment for this condition requires a simple surgical correction of the bunionette deformity that is performed in an outpatient setting. Surgical treatment will reverse the deformity creating a straighter foot.


Conservative treatments will relieve the pressure and pain but will not reverse or stop the progression of the deformity. Conservative treatments include proper shoes with a soft upper and a roomy toe box. A custom made insert with a metatarsal pad also can help shift pressure off the fifth metatarsal head. Pads can be applied to the lateral aspect of the toe box to float the painful fifth metatarsal head. This orthotic device rotates the forefoot slightly, which decreases direct pressure over the bunionette prominence.

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